This year, the Econometric Game is a fully online event. Even though we as a committee would rather meet everyone in person in Amsterdam, an online event does bring one advantage with it. It is now possible for friends and family of the participants and also other people who are taking an interest in the Econometric Game, to watch the opening, the presentations of the finalists and the announcement of the winner by the jury.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday 8th of April 2021, 8:45 – 10:30
    Opening of the Econometric Game 2021. There will be some presentations from one of the organisers, the sponsors and the case where the participants will be working on will be explained.
  • Thursday 8th of April 2021, 20:50 – 22:00
    There is a walk-in until 21:00. There will be some short presentations and the jury will announce which teams will compete in the finale.
  • Friday 9th of April 2021,  17:00 – 18:15
    All the teams in the finale will give a presentation about their findings in case 2.
  • Friday 9th of April 2021, 20:55 – 21:55
    It is time for the announcement of the winner!

To be able to follow this extraordinary and insightful event, you can register through the following link.

See you ‘virtually’ there!

Note: Endtimes indicated in the schedule might be different.

Watch the opening and/or final presentations of the Econometric Game!

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