The committee

Who's who and what's what!

Pien Baas

Hi, I am Pien Baas and I am the chairman of the Econometric Game committee of 2021. Currently, I’m studying econometrics and I have lived in Amsterdam for my entire life. My committee and I will arrange everything for the 2021 edition, to make it an unforgettable experience for the participants. Since the last edition was cancelled due to the Coronavirus, we are making sure that the next edition will make it up for both of the editions. I am looking forward to April 2021 and wish all the participants good luck and hope everyone will have a great time in Amsterdam.

Hi! My name is Jack and I am currently finishing my bachelor Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. This year, I will arrange the facilities; places to stay, location of the event, etc., I will also interfere with the acquisition. As last year’s event, unfortunately, did not take place, we are extra motivated to make this year better than ever. We hope everyone enjoys the Econometric Game 2021 and has a great time in Amsterdam!

Jack Pinto
Benjamin van Casteren

Hi, my name is Benjamin. I am a third-year bachelor student in econometrics. Besides studying at the University of Amsterdam, I am also employed there as a tutorial teacher. In preparation for- and during The Econometric Game, I will be the main contact person for the participants and the participating universities. I hope to make the twenty-first edition of The Econometric Game an unforgettable experience!

Hi! My name is Dorien. I am currently a master student at the University of Amsterdam in Actuarial Science after finishing my masters in Econometrics last year. My task for the Econometric Game 2021, is to arrange everything that has to do with PR and media. Good luck with the preparations and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Econometric Game 2021!

Dorien de Leeuw
PR and Media
Daphne Edridge

Hi! My name is Daphne and I am the coordinator of the Econometric Game committee 2021. I am currently taking a year of my studies since I am in the board of the VSAE. Last year I was in the Econometric Game committee as well, and as you might know, we, unfortunately, had to cancel that edition. However, this makes me even more excited to meet you all in Amsterdam in April!

Hello everyone, my name is Koen. I finished my masters in Financial Econometrics last year and I am currently doing a master in Actuarial Science. I was a member of the Econometric Game committee 2020, where it was my task to come up with an interesting topic to base the case on. It was then my job to find and assist a professor who wants to create a challenging case for the participants to solve. After successfully completing this task, the Econometric Game 2020 was unfortunately cancelled due to Coronavirus. As I had already found a casemaker who made a very interesting case, we decided that I would do the committee again while keeping the case for the next edition. I hope you will all work on this case with the same enthusiasm that we had when creating it!

Koen van Ederen