Last week, the Econometric Game 2021 took place. In this extraordinary event, 30 teams from 30 different universities competed. They participated in a case about the impact of AirBnB on the housing market in Amsterdam created by Martijn Dröes and data was provided by Brainbay.

The housing costs in Amsterdam have increased significantly in recent years. It is a compact city with a limited stock of housing, but the popularity makes the prices go up. There are many other factors as well, but one that stands out for people is the AirBnB rent, which is a short-term renting service. This effect has attracted many people (also internationally) to invest in the city, which allegedly pushed up prices.

The jury, Martijn Dröes, Fonger Ypma, and Hans Koster, announced the top 3 on the 9th of April 2021.

  1. Lund University
  2. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  3. University of Cambridge

On behalf of the committee of the Econometric Game 2021, we congratulate Lund University.


The winning LUSEM team. Photo: David Dahlgren

The winning team consisted of the master’s students Ester Trutwin and Natalie Irmert, and the doctoral students Devon Spika and Matthew Collins. Lund University organised a small interview with the winners of this year. You can read the interview here.

Lund University wins the Econometric Game 2021

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