Unibo Magazine

Unibo Magazine writes about the team from Università di Bologna who placed 2nd at the Econometric Game 2023. You can read it here.

Press release – University of Amsterdam

Read more about the 2023 Econometric Game here:

‘Econometrics students tackle malnutrition in 2023 Econometric Game’

Folia News

Jasmijn van Raemdonck from Folia wrote an interesting article (in Dutch) on the Econometric Game and the crime preventive behavior-case.

‘Echt alleen de allerslimsten’ doen mee aan de Econometric Game

Bob van Toor also interviewed some participating students at the opening of the Econometric Game

‘Als game bewijst econometrie haar maatschappelijke waarde’


The NOS, a Dutch national broadcaster, posted an article about the Econometric Game on the 6th of April.

‘WK Econometrie: de 120 knapste koppen en veel big data’


The Econometric Game gets highlighted in the media again, this time ScienceGuide posted a article online.

‘WK Econometrie op de UvA’

The Post Online

The Post Online posted a Dutch article online about the Econometric Game with a small teaser test at the bottom, can you answer both questions correctly?

‘Nog een studenten-revolutie in Amsterdam’


Our sponsor TPC write about the winners of the Econometric Game 2023:

‘University of Warsaw winner of Amsterdam Econometric Game 2023’

Opening ceremony 2022

Maurice Bun (head of the research department at the Dutch central bank) and Marco Hoeberichts reveal the 2022 Econometric Game case at the opening ceremony: Inflation through the roof!



AT5 has published a nice video on the Econometric Game and our side-event for UvA students, the Amsterdam Data Challenge.

You can watch the video here. (It is in Dutch.)

Amsterdam FM

On the 24th of March Nikki Wesselius spoke on the radio about the Econometric Game! If you missed it or want to listen again, don’t worry you can listen to it here!