Universities participating in the EG 2021

After a cancelled Econometric Game in 2020, we are extra happy that many universities were motivated to join the Econometric Game in 2021. A strict selection left us with 30 universities that will join the coming event in April.
The universities are:

– Aarhus University
– Erasmus University Rotterdam
– Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
– Harvard University
– Keio University
– Lomonosov Moscow State University
– Lund University
– Maastricht University
– Monash University
– New Economic School
– Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
– Oxford University
– Stellenbosch University
– Tilburg University
– University Carlos III de Madrid
– Université de Lausanne
– Universidad del Rosario
– Universidad Nacional de Colombia
– University of Antwerp
– University of Bristol
– University of Cambridge
– University of Copenhagen
– University of Florence
– University of Melbourne
– University of Orléans
– University of Rome Tor Vergata
– University of St. Gallen
– University of Warsaw
– University of Amsterdam
– VU University Amsterdam

Date reveal Econometric Game 2021

We are proud to announce that the Econometric Game of 2021 will take place on the 8th and 9th of April 2021!

The event in 2021 will be a little bit different compared to usual. After the unfortunate cancellation of the Econometric Game 2020, we want to make sure that this does not happen with the event in 2021. Due to the Coronavirus, times are still uncertain and for this reason, the EG 2021 will turn into a fully online event. This will guarantee that all students that wish to participate have the possibility to do so.

This time the Econometric Game will be held in 2 days. On the 8th of April, the teams will work on the first case and the reports will be handed in. The jury will check the reports and announce the finalists. 10 teams will make it to the final and they will work on the second case on the 9th of April. After the final reports are checked and each team in the final gave a presentation, the winner will be announced.

The Committee of the Econometric Game 2021 is working hard to make the first online Econometric Game possible and we are looking forward to the event. Updates will follow soon.

Update on the Econometric Game (EG) 2018

In the past months the preparations for the 2018 edition have been ongoing. We would like to share some of the progress made during that period.

First off all, we can confirm the dates for the EG 2018, the EG will be held from the 11th until 13th of April. During those days the participants will compete in the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam, the events main location.

Next to that we are proud to announce that the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF) will be our new partner. The Amsterdam University Fund (Stichting Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds) is a joint initiative of the University of Amsterdam Alumni Association (AUV) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA). They help and support events and initiatives from the UvA. More information on them can be found at auf.nl.

Furthermore, after the applications have been received we picked the 30 participating universities using a mathematical model. The participating teams can be found on the homepage.

We will bring out another update soon.

Committee Econometric Game 2018

Econometric Game 2017 Video

This year the Econometric Game, also known as the World Championships of Econometrics, took place 5, 6 and 7 April. This video gives an impression of what this prestigious event hosted by the VSAE looked like.

During the Econometric Game, top students from the field of econometrics representing world class universities try to solve a challenging socially relevant case. The winner of the 2017 Econometric Game is.. Harvard University!

Papers of the top three finalists 2017

Harvard University won the Econometric Game of 2017. Copenhagen University and Tilburg University both came in second. They all worked very hard on the crime-case on roll-down shutters in the Netherlands. We uploaded their papers on our website, so everyone can read what they found out in their three-day race-against-the-clock.

Go to this link:

Econometric Game 2017

Winning Team 2017

We are very proud to present you the winner of the Econometric Game 2017: HARVARD UNIVERSITY for a second time in a row.

Congratulations on behalf of the 2017 Committee!

Curious of what they found out about crime preventive behaviour in the Netherlands? We will post some more on their findings on our website next week.

Now it’s time to party!