By actively trading listed derivatives, with round-the-clock coverage of all major global financial markets, True Partner Capital strives to generate uncorrelated returns for its clients and investors, with an emphasis on outperformance in times of market turmoil. As such, we strongly believe volatility should be treated as a separate asset class, allowing for improved risk/reward characteristics of investment portfolios.

True Partner Capital is a team of former market makers and IT specialists that have been working together for more than 15 years. Their combined expertise on trading, execution and risk management as well as the proprietary trading technology, allows the team to identify and capitalize on trading opportunities.

The True Partner Fund (inception July 2011) applies an active global volatility arbitrage investment strategy, aiming to generate uncorrelated returns by using a volatility neutral approach. The True Partner Volatility Master Fund (inception September 2016) utilizes a similar methodology to identify underpriced and overpriced volatility, but applies an overall long volatility bias. As a result, this fund would be expected to generate more negatively correlated returns.