Your pathway to the game!


Step 1

A professor needs to contact the Econometric Game stating that the university he is connected to is interested in participating. This can be done by sending an email to Professors can contact us to get their contact details in our database. A physical invitation will then be sent to the university. The professor is the one who has to make the selection of team members.


Step 2

After receiving a sign of interest we will send the Terms of Agreement which needs to be accepted, by the professor, for the university to be nominated for the participation of the Econometric Game. All teams that want to participate must send their acceptance of the Terms of Agreement before the deadline. The deadline to enrol is November 1 prior to the event.


Step 3

After the deadline has closed 30 teams will be allowed to compete. The teams are chosen using a model which accounts for, among others, previous achievements and geographical location. Unfortunately, every year the committee has to reject universities. The rejection will be taken into consideration, as it is a variable in the model. This means being rejected results in a higher chance of getting accepted the next year. On December 1 we will send invitations to the accepted universities. The rejected universities will be notified on the same day.

Victory will be yours!